So original! Nurse pretends to be a doctor and proposes to his girlfriend

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It is common for couples to meet at school, in the same circle of friends or at work. What is rare is that love prevails despite adversity and that couples come to the altar to swear eternal love. Fortunately, this is the case of two nurses who have just got engaged, shaking the internet with their original proposal for a hand.

It turns out that the nurse simulated the arrival by helicopter of a patient, his girlfriend was his assistant and while she prepared for the worst, he knelt in front of her, disbursed a ring and asked her to marry him at the top of the hospital and in company from your closest friends.

The events occurred in a hospital in Georgia, United States, where Kelsey Dunlap fell in love with Jacob Young while they were working at forced marches to try to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the way they met was not the most beautiful in the world, the couple felt close from the first look they exchanged. Their relationship grew over time and although they have not been together for more than a year, they are sure that they want to spend their entire lives next to each other, as they complement each other in different ways. In addition, there is respect and admiration between the two.

Jacob was the one in charge of proposing to Kelsey and he wanted to do it in a very peculiar way. For this reason, he simulated the arrival of a patient by helicopter. She had no idea what was going on and professionally prepared to receive the supposedly ill person.

While she carried the stretcher, Jacob took a moment to kneel, but Kelsey did not understand what was happening, she even thought that her boyfriend was feeling overwhelmed by the medical situation and imagined the worst. Then, Jacob took out a ring from his pocket and took her hand to propose to her. Kelsey understood what was really happening: the love of her life was asking her to marry her where they met and in front of her closest friends.

She accepted the proposal and they are now planning the details for the wedding, which will be a small and discreet ceremony. On the other hand, the moment was recorded on video by one of the couple’s co-workers, who later shared it on TikTok, a site where it has been reproduced millions of times, generating positive comments and congratulations to the future spouses.

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