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Sofi Tukker singer records with Seu Jorge during her visit to Brazil

Singer Sophie, from the electronic music duo Sofi Tukker, recorded a song with Seu Jorge during their visit to Brazil. The partnership was announced on the band’s own Instagram this Thursday (23).

“I recorded yesterday with Seu Jorge”, wrote the German Sophie Hawley-Weld, known as Sofi, who lived in Rio de Janeiro and speaks Portuguese, in addition to spreading Brazilian culture in his work. “I’m still speechless… he was so humble, so talented. Music is my life and the fact that I have the opportunity to create with the people I admire most is unbelievable.”

There is still no information about the name of the song or when it will be released.

The electronic music duo, composed of Sofi and the American Tucker Halpern came to Brazil for shows during GP Week at the beginning of the month. The two remain in the country and even went to a forró party at Canto da Ema, in São Paulo.

Sofi Tukker’s most recent song is a partnership with Brazilian singers Mari Merenda and Sophia Ardessore. The two went viral with a song and the electronic music duo decided to remix and record with both of them.

The hit that made the electronic music duo known around the world is “Drinkee”. The track is based on the poem “Relógio”, by the Rio de Janeiro poet Chacal. Other songs by the duo, such as “Matadora”, also use words written by Chacal.

Source: CNN Brasil

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