Solana blockchain is recovering from a crash

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The Solana validator community has successfully completed a mainnet beta restart. New blocks did not appear in it for more than sixteen hours.

“Dapps, block browsers and support systems will recover over the next few hours to full network functionality,” the developers wrote.

The restart occurred after the node software was updated to version 1.6.25.

Solana blockchain stopped issuing blocks on September 14 at about 16:00 (Moscow time). The founder of the project, Anatoly Yakovenko, said that there was an exhaustion of network resources as a result of an attack of spam transactions.

“Solana’s network has seen a large increase in transaction load, reaching 400,000 TPS at its peak. These transactions overflowed the processing queue, and the lack of prioritization of critical messages led to the fact that the network began to fork, ”the developers explained.

According to them, this led to excessive memory consumption, as a result of which some nodes were disconnected.

The Block analyst Larry Cermak the day before suggested that Solana validators faced a shortage of RAM, especially those with no more than 128 GB.

Against the background of the failure, the price of the SOL token fell from levels around $ 160 to 142.39 (Kraken exchange). However, as the situation developed, the coin quotes recovered to their previous values.

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