Solana crypto community created a trap for a hacker

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Members of the Solana NFT community created a trap for the hacker and successfully returned 25 stolen collectible tokens.

The story began with the hacking of the Discord server of the game developer Uncharted NFT. 109 users were affected, and 150 SOL (~$6420) and 25 tokens from the World of Solana (WOS) collection became the attacker’s prey. Among the latter were three rare NFTs from the top hundred of the MoonRank rating.

In total, the collection includes 2222 unique images of female avatars. Over the past day, the average sale price amounted to 3 SOLs (~$128.4). The most expensive WOS #1874 token for sale is valued at 123 SOL or around ~$5264.

The WOS team came up with a plan to recover the stolen NFTs. She contacted development partner CyberFrogsNFT and asked him to set the size royalty for tokens at 98% versus the usual 5%.

“He set a trap, and we asked our community to watch [маркетплейсом] Magic Eden,” WOS said.

The hacker put all 25 stolen NFTs up for sale two days later. Community members managed to buy 15 tokens, another 10 using sniping acquired by an investor known as FamousFoxFed.

The WOS developers have contacted him to discuss refunds and returning NFTs to owners.

“The moral of the story is to always use a separate burning wallet and be careful when minting. This is the second time our community has been recovering NFTs stolen by scammers,” the WOS team said.

In May, an unknown person hacked into the Discord server of the OpenSea NFT marketplace and published a link to a phishing site.

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