Solana’s network has been down for more than 19 hours due to a flood of junk transactions

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Block production stopped in the main network of the Solana cryptocurrency yesterday evening – a powerful stream of “junk” transactions led to instability and inoperability of the network.

At the moment, the developers are preparing an update to the network clients to cope with the problem. Naturally, this is a rather long and laborious process, so it is not yet clear when Solana will return to normal operation.

“The beta version of the Solana mainnet recorded a significant increase in the number of transactions – up to 400,000 per second. These transactions overwhelm the transaction processing queue, and an insufficiently developed mechanism for giving priority to transactions important for the operation of the network has led to the emergence of forks. These forks, in turn, led to a significant increase in memory consumption and some nodes went offline. The engineers tried to stabilize the network, but their attempts were unsuccessful. ” wrote Solana developers.

Similar problems with Solana’s network were reported a week ago and an update has been under preparation since then. Validators have already been selected to restart the network and have been asked to join Solana’s Discord server for updates and instructions.

Note that in recent weeks, the SOL coin rate has grown significantly and the cryptocurrency capitalization has exceeded $ 50 billion. Against the background of the Solana main network inoperability, the coin rate dropped to $ 156, and the capitalization was $ 46 billion.

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