Soltz: Germany opposes sanctions on energy imports from Russia

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Chancellor Olaf Soltz described energy imports from Russia as “essential” and insisted that energy supplies be included in sanctions against Moscow.

“Europe’s energy supply can not be secured in any other way at the moment (…) There is currently no other way to secure energy supply for heating, transportation, electricity and industry,” said Soltz. , noting at the same time that the detoxification effort is underway, “but it will take some time”.

“Germany, as well as our partners inside and outside the EU, have been working feverishly for months to develop alternatives, but this does not happen overnight. It is therefore a conscious decision on our part to continue our business activities in the EU. “Russia’s energy supply sector,” he said.

The chancellor, however, welcomed all international efforts for extensive and targeted sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine. “Sanctions against Russian financial institutions, the central bank and more than 500 people speak for themselves. All our steps are designed to hit Russia hard and be sustainable in the long run,” Solz said.

However, according to a YouGov Institute poll on behalf of Handelsblatt, 54% of Germans are in favor of cutting off Russian oil and gas imports from European countries, even if it jeopardizes their own security of supply. 36%, on the other hand, rule out such a possibility.

Regarding the explosion in fuel prices, the Minister of Finance Christian Lindner stressed that at the moment the government is not planning any relief for the citizens. “The state can not offset the rising cost of energy imports in the long run, but it may at best temporarily mitigate it and balance it socially,” Lindner said, leaving the possibility of regulation within the year open.

Yesterday in Germany the prices of oil and gasoline reached a new record height, with the price of oil at 1,984 euros / liter, higher than the price of gasoline Super E10, which climbed to 1,965 euros / liter.

Source: Capital

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