Solz calls Putin’s criticism of NATO ‘imperialism’ ‘ridiculous’

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German Chancellor Olaf Soltz today called “ridiculous” the accusations of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had said last night, Wednesday, that NATO has “imperialist ambitions”.

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“It’s honestly ridiculous. NATO is a defense alliance. It’s not a threat to anyone,” Soltz told a news conference at the end of the NATO summit.

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“Putin is probably the one who made imperialism the goal of his policy,” he said, adding that Russia’s “neighboring countries” were “part of his country”, the German chancellor added.

“This is imperialism and this cannot be called otherwise,” he continued.

“NATO leaders want (…) to assert their hegemony, their imperialist ambitions,” Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday night during a visit to Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.

“Calling on Ukraine to continue fighting and refusing to negotiate simply confirms our hypothesis that Ukraine and the good of the Ukrainian people are not the goal of the West and NATO, but a means of defending their own interests.” , he had added.

Source: Capital

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