Son erupts against his anti-vaccine mother: “She is dangerous – These are her 5 minutes of publicity”

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The son of a nurse who states anti-vaccine and is accused of “propaganda” on social media about him coronavirus and 5G turns against his mother and accuses her of endangering people’s lives. “What he is doing is very dangerous. These are the 5 minutes of its publicity “.

Sebastian Semirani, 21, has no particular relationship with his 54-year-old mother, who supports conspiracy theories. In fact, has told her son she is part of a “global conspiracy” orchestrated by the CIA. He also believes that this “global conspiracy” will destroy half the population of the United Kingdom within the next five years.

Semirani is being investigated by the police after the accusations she made against doctors, who – according to her – participated in a genocide and must be faced with “Nuremberg trials”. Vaccination teams should be renamed “death squads”, he said, referring to the UK Public Health Service as the “new Auschwitz” during a rally on Saturday.

She was also banned from social media due to the spread of misinformation, as she claimed that the symptoms of Covid-19 are caused by 5G and vaccines “They were made in a hurry” because “they want to kill you”.

Sebastian today launched an attack on his mother’s conspiracy theories, which he tried to impose on her children when they were younger. The son is also concerned about his mother’s political beliefs, which may reach the far right, despite the fact that her children have an Iranian father.

“People consider it a source of truth and I wish I could tell them that my mom is not the person they think. She is someone with great selfishness and loves to be the center of attention».

Asked if his relationship would ever improve, Sebastian said: “I think the situation is very advanced. I will never have a relationship with my mother again. And that’s why it’s important if someone comes to you and says, ‘I’m starting to believe all these things,’ cut it from the root. “Because it takes two years to lose someone completely.”

The last time he contacted her was earlier this month, as she appeared in two anti-vaccination rallies.

“You have to listen to me. You and your sister will die. “The CIA is conspiring and half the population of the United Kingdom will die in five years.”, wrote to him in a month.

According to Sebastian, his childhood was difficult because of his mother’s obsession with conspiracy theories, which led him to believe that the end of the world was near. “It was hell”, he confessed.

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