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Sonia Peronaci, founder of Giallo Zafferano, got married: here are all the details of a very sweet ceremony

It was a heartfelt, moving ceremony that united in marriage Sonia Peronaci, founder of Giallo Zafferano and Francesco Lopesher lifelong companion. A mature marriage, which comes after twenty years of life together, but no less exciting for that. Indeed, as Sonia herself said, a union between two people “more aware than ever of each other’s feelings.”

She, who was among the first to understand the potential of food and its dissemination in the digital age, building an empire made of recipes, blogs and books, was once an accountant, and shared the work with the man who a few days ago became her husband, before being her life partner. He, who defines himself «Sonia Peronaci’s husband and martyr, forced to eat for years after SHE photographed the dish» he accompanied her in this new successful career, as well as in her private life, becoming – as Peronaci has had the opportunity to reiterate in the past – an important element of daily life also for her three daughters, from a previous marriage.

The marriage proposalhad been delightfully theatrical, with him suddenly pulling a red velvet box out of his pocket in front of everyone present at the end of a costumed event at the Sonia Factory.

All the details of Sonia Peronaci’s wedding

A Spring wedding dress, with beautiful green and blue toneswith floral designs and elegant, sinuous drapery. Sonia Peronaci had obviously chosen it a long time ago, helped and advised by her daughters, as she had documented on Instagram twelve days before the wedding date. The groom, in light suit and tie that matches her dressarrived with Sonia’s dog on a leash, also dressed up for this special occasion, with a blue tulle dress that matched the bridesmaids’. The bride’s bouquet was scenic but not at all classic, inspired – like the rest of the wedding – by country flowers, with colors tending towards lilac and blue.

“Francesco slept little, nervous and excited and I went out early this morning to make his awakening sweeter with some sweets that would relax him (sugar! What magic they do!)”, wrote Sonia on social media, recounting the big day and posting a video that recounts the ceremony.

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The location chosen for the wedding was the Camp Di Cent Pertigh Restauranta historic farmhouse between Milan and Lake Como, with a beautiful country-style flower garden, where the ceremony was held. In a summer full of luxury hotels and restaurants for the many celebrity weddings (from Simona Ventura to Cecilia Rodriguez), the choice of location seemed particularly sober and flowery, decidedly full of personality.

Very original – and on the same wavelength as the location – the cake chosen by the couple, and made by the pastry chef from Padua Denis Dianin: no monumental multi-tiered cake, as in the most classic of weddings, but a simpler and delicious pyramid of mixed profiteroles (among the various flavors available to the guests: zabaglione cream flavored with vinsanto, diplomatica cream with a liquid raspberry insert, and dark chocolate cream) covered with blancmange cream, which are also one of Sonia Peronaci’s favorite desserts. To liven up the wedding buffet, Sonia Peronaci also called Vincent Troyan «unconventionally» master cheesemaker specializing in show cooking and weddings.

“It was a great emotion to have our children now grown up, as witnesses of our union and all our loved ones excited like never before”, commented the food blogger after the wedding. “A day that we will remember for the rest of our lives for the atmosphere, the joy and the emotions that it gave us”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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