Sony will create its own version of Game Pass to compete with Microsoft

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The Xbox Games Pass subscription service is now incredibly popular among gamers due to the relatively low cost of accessing a huge library of video games. And now, according to information from Bloomberg, a direct competitor in the person of Sony also plans to create something similar for its own game console – the future subscription service is codenamed Spartacus, but the naming will naturally be changed for release. This project is a conditional combination of existing services PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one offer with additional bonuses.

The document, which was received by Bloomberg, states that the PlayStation Plus brand will be preserved, albeit in a new format, while the existence of the PlayStation Now service will be simplified (the service itself will function, but as part of a general subscription). In addition, the information provided by the insider indicates that the company is still working on the details of the new service, but now there is a formed paid subscription plan for three levels of service provision. At the first level, the user will have access to the PlayStation Plus service with multiplayer – there is no information about the free releases that are provided now.

At the second level of the service, the user will receive both PlayStation Plus and free access to a number of video games created for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 – probably this offer will be the main competitor to the Xbox Games Pass service. But, unfortunately, there is currently no information about which games will be presented. And at the third level of the subscription, the gamer will have access to expanded streaming of video games – in addition to the analogue of streaming PS Now, access will be open to streaming video games created for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP. Although, of course, the last point looks rather unlikely.

Apparently, the new service will be available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to ensure Sony has the maximum number of potential subscribers. At the moment, Microsoft, for example, has more than 20 million users with an active subscription to the Xbox Games Pass, which became possible, among other things, due to the support of the previous generation of the console. But there is still no information on whether Sony will provide access to the same service on a PC.

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