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Sophie Charlotte on break-up rumors: “I'm happy, just thinking about the soap opera”

sophie charlotte spoke for the first time about the rumors of breakup with Daniel de Oliveira , with whom she was married for eight years and has a son. Without having released official statements or formalized the divorce on social media, the actor attended the artist's birthday on the same day that comments about the end of the relationship appeared.

In an interview with Veja magazine, the actress said: “I'm happy, surrounded by friends and just thinking about the soap opera”, when asked about the subject. Without giving further explanation, Charlotte spoke about the difference between what she and her character Eliana, in the soap opera “Renascer”, are experiencing. “I know I’m privileged,” she commented, comparing the stories.

The actor couple got closer during the recording of the soap opera “O Rebu”, in 2014. The actress played Duda, who fell in love with the IT professional her mother hired, Bruno, played by Daniel de Oliveira. When they got married in 2015, Sophie was already pregnant with their only son, eight-year-old Otto.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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