Soros: We must defeat Putin to save our civilization

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American businessman, philanthropist and founder of the Open Society Foundation George Soros called from the podium of the World Economic Forum in Davos “as soon as possible” to defeat Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, as it is “the best” possibly the only opportunity to preserve our own culture. ”

Soros described the war in Ukraine as a possible beginning of World War III, calling it the main conflict of our time between the “open societies” that make up the majority of Western countries and the “closed societies”. in which it ranks Russia and China. “In an open society the state defends the freedom of the individual, in a closed society the role of the individual is to serve the interests of the state,” Soros said, describing the differences between the two types of societies.

According to Soros, in the last two decades the authoritarian tendencies in the world are on the rise, also because “closed societies” have put modern technologies at their service.

According to George Soros, because of war, all the problems that humanity is facing, including the fight for climate change, have now been relegated to the background, and not just the outbreak. of authoritarian tendencies, threatens world culture because these changes can become irreversible.

Referring to the war in Ukraine, Soros expressed the view that China knew that Putin was preparing for war. He also believes that the war is entering a phase which could be affected by the numerical superiority of the Russian army, however, he believes that Ukraine has a chance for a successful resistance.

According to the American businessman, Vladimir Putin has already realized that he has made a mistake and will seek peace, but in the current conditions, a truce with him is impossible because “no one can believe him.”

Russian authorities and journalists close to the Kremlin consider Soros “Russophobic” as well as his Russia-based organization in the 1990s and early 2000s and seeks to harm the country. The Open Society Foundation has been described in Russia as an “undesirable organization.”

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