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Soul Browser 1.2.69

Soul Browser 1.2.69

Soul Browser – browser for enjoyable content browsing, intuitive design for ease of use. We have made every effort to provide the unique value of Soul Browser. Soul Browser wants to be a valuable app that has been loved for a long time.

Features of the Soul Browser app:

Clean Mode

  • Fast and clean.
  • The built-in cleaner is optimized for the browser.
  • You can add custom filters.

Upload video

  • Easy and fast.
  • Fast Boot, Fast Boot supported.
  • Apart from general functions such as pause,
  • Powerful features such as limiting concurrent downloads and reserved downloads.

Video player

  • A web player and a local file player are provided.
  • Gesture control is possible.
  • Various functions are provided such as repeat play and PIP mode.

Incognito mode

  • You can easily protect your privacy.
  • You can protect your personal information, such as your browsing history and download history.
  • Various blocking methods are supported.

Dark theme

  • Protect your eyesight.
  • The app user interface and website can be configured separately.
  • You can choose according to your liking.

Convert text to speech

  • Listen comfortably with your voice.
  • When you click the text displayed in the browser,
  • it is read by voice.

Image view only

  • You can view images online like a book.
  • If you use it as a comic book, you may feel like you are reading a real book.
  • You will have a new experience.

Save all images

  • You can immediately save images from the Internet.
  • Very simple and fast
  • Album creation is also provided.


  • Manage your images efficiently.
  • If you upload multiple images, you may have difficulty managing images.
  • Using the album function solves the problem.

TV Cast

  • This app supports TV broadcasts.
  • Soul Browser is a TV-enabled application that lets you stream your favorite entertainment from your mobile device to your TV.
  • Both local files and Internet streaming are supported.

Change font

  • You can change the font of web pages.
  • You can change the font using TTF files in internal memory or SD card.
  • Try this.


  • You can move pages and tabs using gestures.
  • He offers many ways.
  • Provides very soft movement.


  • You can change the user interface to your liking.
  • You can freely change the location of the icon or address bar.
  • You can customize the screen to your liking.


  • Both normal capture and scrolling capture are supported.
  • Scroll capture is very fast and powerful.
  • You can save the entire page at once as an image.

PDF viewer

  • Built-in powerful PDF viewer.
  • Save web pages in PDF format and open them instantly with the built-in PDF viewer.
  • You don’t need to separately install the PDF viewer.

Convenient functions

  • Various convenient functions are provided.
  • Try it for yourself.



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