Sound level meter 2.13

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Sound level meter is a useful and simple application for measuring the noise level in your environment.


By law, there are certain limits of permissible noise. For each type of room, time of day and day of the week there is a frame. And if on a holiday the loud music of neighbors is quite legal and normal, then the noise of a drill at 6 am on Saturday is a real crime. To have evidence in hand and convince yourself that what is happening is not the norm, you can use the Sound Meter application. This smart decibel meter will use your microphone to measure external noise and display the results as a graph on the screen.


But remember that most devices have built-in hardware settings that simply prevent high noise from entering the microphone. In this regard, the sound level meter may not recognize sounds above 90 dB, and manual microphone gain may completely prevent the application from working properly.

Sound Meter app features:

  • Laconic user interface;
  • Detailed charts;
  • Comparison table with noise examples;
  • Noise measurement in decibels.

Source: Trash Box

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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