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South Africa building collapse death toll rises to 30

The death toll rises in South Africa after the collapse of a building under construction last Monday with the death toll reaching 30 and 22 more people missing. Rescue crews recovered ten more bodies from the wreckage between Sunday night and yesterday, the municipal government of George, a city on the coast of South Africa, said. They continue to work non-stop after the six-storey building under construction collapsed as 81 people, the vast majority of them workers, were on the site. A previous count, announced earlier in the day, had 26 dead and 26 missing. The cause of the collapse of the property, which would have had 42 flats and had planning permission, is not known at this stage. 29 people made it out of the rubble alive, including the man who was found and rescued on Saturday after 116 hours in the rubble of the construction site. The head of the provincial government, Alan Vide, spoke of a “miracle” through X. Oi […]
Source: News Beast

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