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South and Southeast may have fog this Thursday (13); Northeast has warning for storms

The South and Southeast regions of Brazil have a forecast of fog for this Thursday (12), while the Northeast has a warning for storms.

In the South, the weather should remain firm and without rain in the three states of the region. In the morning, temperatures should remain lower, which favors fog in the Itajaí Valley (SC) and eastern Paraná.

In the Southeast, an atmospheric block favors the Sun between few clouds in most of the region, except in the northeast of Minas, where rain showers may occur. Regarding temperatures, they remain low, but with the possibility of fog in the region of Vale do Ribeira, Vale do Paraíba and in the capital of São Paulo, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro and on the north coast of Rio.

In the Northeast, the rains persist, especially in the east of the Northeast, the coastal strip in Maceió and Aracaju. In the northern part of the region, rain showers are expected to occur in the afternoon, over the coast of Maranhão. In the interior of the region, the forecast is for firm weather and no rain.

The North is also expected to continue with rain showers, in regions such as the north of Amazonas, Roraima, in addition to the east and north of Amapá and the north and northwest of Pará, where the forecast points to storms. In the southern half of Acre, south, center, east and southeast of Amazonas, center-south of Pará and Tocantins, there will be sun between few clouds.

The country’s Midwest continues with sunshine throughout the region, in addition to high temperatures throughout the day and dry air.

Source: CNN Brasil

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