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South Korea warns North Korea to abandon plan to launch spy satellite

The South Korean military warned today North Korea to “immediately” halt its preparations for the launch of a spy satellite, telling Pyongyang that it would take “necessary measures” otherwise.

Pyongyang ramps up preparations for third spy satellite launchafter two failed ones earlier this year.

Earlier this month, intelligence agencies in Seoul announced that Pyongyang was in the final stages of preparations for its third test.

South Korea’s Defense Minister, Shin Won-sik, estimated yesterday Sunday that the launch could take place within the current week.

“We strongly recommend that North Korea (…) immediately suspend the ongoing preparations for the launch of a military spy satellite,” said Kang Shin-chul, operations director of South Korea’s national defense general staff. “If North Korea goes ahead with the launch of a military reconnaissance satellite despite our warning, our military will take the necessary measures to guarantee the life and safety of the population,” he added.

After the second failed attempt in August, Pyongyang had announced that it would proceed with a third launch in October, but this did not happen.

According to Seoul, Pyongyang is supplying Moscow with weapons and ammunition in exchange for Russian space technology to launch a military spy satellite.

Analysts point out that there is a large technological overlap of satellite launch capabilities and ballistic missile development, something theoretically prohibited for Pyongyang, which faces multiple UN sanctions for this.

North Korea has carried out a record number of weapons tests this year, defying warnings from the US, South Korea and their allies.

Last week, it announced that it had successfully ground-tested a “new type” solid-fuel engine for intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs), which it is normally prohibited from developing, a step it described as critical given the “serious and volatile” security situation.

Source: News Beast

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