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South Korean Prosecutor’s Office: We Found Evidence of Terra Price Manipulation

South Korean law enforcement agencies said they received a history of correspondence between the former head of Terraform Labs and a subordinate, in which he directly asked to manipulate the price of cryptocurrency.

The South Korean prosecutor’s office has published a report from which it follows that law enforcement officers managed to obtain evidence that Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon asked an employee of his company to manipulate the price of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) at least once. The prosecutor’s office keeps a history of conversations between the employee and the co-founder in the messenger.

Details of the manipulation have not been released, but Do Kwon’s representatives continue to deny all allegations, stating that the case against him is based on baseless arguments. Representatives of the former head of Terraform Labs believe that the case is too politicized and cannot continue under such circumstances.

“Do Kwon, wherever he appears, will be considered an illegal immigrant and will not be able to legally travel between countries, his South Korean passport has been cancelled. If Do Kwon is found, he will have to deal with a $57 million lawsuit, and most likely the businessman will be deported back to South Korea, ”Korean law enforcement officials say.

Kwon himself is in no hurry to reveal the location, stating that if he does, he will be immediately sent to prison. And his activity in social networks remained at least at the same level. The last tweet on Nov. 3 was when Kwon wrote that the last few weeks have been especially creative for him.

In mid-October, he assured that he continued to cooperate with South Korean prosecutors.

Source: Bits

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