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South Region will have super storm cells this weekend; understand

The states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina will be affected by bad weather between Friday (17) and Saturday (18), with the risk of the formation of so-called super storm cells. The scenario is ripe for intense rain and the formation of gales and tornadoes.

In the southern region of Brazil, conditions are unstable, causing major impacts and significant damage.

Understand what supercells are

A supercell is a storm combined with a mesocyclone, when an air current circulates inside the cloud.

Supercell phenomena are the least common among storms, but they can last several hours, causing severe damage, such as winds and hail. This type of storm is considered one of the most severe by meteorologists.

Forecast for the South region

There is a risk of heavy and heavy rain in the three states this Friday (17).

The day in the south and central-east of Rio Grande do Sul and throughout the state of Santa Catarina will be with many clouds and rain showers at any time, there is also the possibility of sunny periods.

A deep low pressure will advance from the Northeast and reach Rio Grande do Sul, causing local atmospheric pressure to plummet, also affecting part of the state of Santa Catarina. According to MetSul, there is a risk of flooding, floods and floods between the northern half of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and part of the state of Santa Catarina.

(under the supervision of Bruno Laforé)

Source: CNN Brasil

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