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Southeast region will have rains and low temperatures this week, says meteorologist

The Southeast Region will have a week “with the face of winter”, according to Climatempo meteorologist Maria Clara Sassaki. In an interview with CNN Radio she stated that there is a “humidity corridor” already present in São Paulo that “will reach much of the central region of Brazil.”

As of Tuesday (9), this corridor will transform into a cold front, which will “bring moisture to Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.”

“The week will be wetter and with lower temperatures”, said Maria Clara.

On Wednesday (10), the expectation is for an even greater drop in temperature in the Region.

In the South, according to Maria Clara Sassaki, the alert is for the coast of Santa Catarina and Paraná, which may have waves larger than 2.5m and intense gusts of wind, with the possibility of a cyclone on the coast of Santa Catarina.


After 110 days without significant rain, the forecast is that the cold front will reach Goiás and Mato Grosso, bringing rain.


In the North of the country, Rondônia and Acre will also be affected by the cold. The average temperature, which is 32 degrees, should drop to 24 degrees.

North East

The meteorologist believes that the heat will be restricted to the Northeastern states, “even with rain forecast along the entire coast.”

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Source: CNN Brasil

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