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SP City Hall will use Fundação Casa buildings to shelter homeless people

The city hall of São Paulo, through the Municipal Department of Assistance and Social Development (SMADS) and the State Department of Justice and Citizenship, will make use of six former Casa Foundation units to shelter homeless people.

The first shelter, which will undergo a renovation, should be ready for use at the end of the month.

Two of the six spaces are located in Itaim Paulista, two in Guaianases, one in Parque do Carmo, East Zone, and one in Taipas, North Zone.

In June of this year, a survey showed that the capital of São Paulo registered, in 2021, 42,240 homeless people, the largest number in the country.

In a statement, the city government informed that the first unit to be delivered will be the Special Welfare Center (CAE) for Families in Itaim Paulista (Encosta Norte).

The shelter will have the capacity to accommodate 100 people, and is expected to be delivered on August 23.

All units were intended for another use, and there will be a need for adaptations in all of them.

The renovations include the removal of doors with bars, fences and electrical and hydraulic adjustments for private bathrooms, in addition to all revitalization with gardening and painting, and installation of a library.

The concession of state public spaces is valid until September 2023, and can be renewed for a longer period.

Source: CNN Brasil

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