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SP court denies request for house arrest for Roger Abdelmassih

The São Paulo Court denied the request for house arrest made by the defense of Roger Abdelmassih, accused of committing sexual crimes and genetic manipulation against more than 70 women. The TJSP decision is due at the end of October.

The former doctor is serving his sentence in a closed regime at the Tremembé Penitentiary, in the interior of São Paulo, and has already had more than two transfers to the Penitentiary System Hospital Center, for health treatment.

The defendant’s defense, represented by lawyer Larissa Sacco Abdelmassih, made a new request for house arrest in September this year, citing special needs for Abdelmassih’s health treatment. The lawyer appealed the court decision, which was not accepted at first instance.

The Attorney General’s Office, however, maintained the decision not to accept house arrest, stating that the accused has been receiving the necessary care and all prescribed medication is being provided and administered.

The Court also stated that, when necessary, the defendant was promptly transferred and treated at the Penitentiary Hospital.

Abdelmassih was sentenced to 173 years, six months and 18 days in prison, initially closed, accused of raping patients in his medical office in the south of São Paulo.

CNN attempted to contact Roger Abdelmassih’s defense lawyer, but had not received a response until the publication of this text.

*Supervised by Marcos Rosendo

Source: CNN Brasil

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