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SP is the only Brazilian city in the list of the best in the world to cycle

Sao Paulo appears in 76th place in a ranking of 90 countries that analyzes which cities around the world have the best circulation conditions for cyclists.

At the top of this list, which came from the study Bicycle Cities Index of the insurance company Luko, is Utrecht in the Netherlands , followed by Münster, Germany, and Antwerp, Belgium. Amsterdam, known as the bicycle capital of the world, appears in 5th place

According to the document, which does not wish to reflect the best and worst cities for cycling, each destination was selected for its “willingness to invest and work on initiatives to improve infrastructure and cycling safety”.

Each city was evaluated with a score that could vary up to 100 and among the criteria were safety, fatality, infrastructure such as extension of bike lanes and bike-sharing stations, number of accidents, number of bike shops, participation in events such as “No Car Day”, among others.

While the first place achieves a score of 77.84, São Paulo has 24.81 points. Latin America is also represented by Santiago (58th) in Chile, Buenos Aires (83rd) in Argentina, and Bogotá, Cali and Medellín in Colombia (81st, 82nd and 89th).

“We decided to investigate which cities around the world are improving their general cycling conditions, in addition to encouraging the use of bicycles as a healthy and sustainable means of transport”, says the study, which also took climate conditions into account, when determining the average hours of sunshine, millimeters of rain and number of days of extreme weather to draw an overall picture of the weather in each city.

Check out the top 10 of the Bicycle Cities Index 2022:

  1. Utrecht – Netherlands
  2. Munster – Germany
  3. Antwerp – Belgium
  4. Copenhagen – Denmark
  5. Amsterdam – Netherlands
  6. Malmo – Sweden
  7. Hangzhou – China
  8. Bern – Switzerland
  9. Bremen – Germany
  10. Hannover – Germany

Source: CNN Brasil

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