Sp. Libanos: Nikos Androulakis is faced with four bets

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The bets that the new leader of KINAL Mr. Nikos Androulakis is facing, were developed by the Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Spilios Libanos, in an interview on Sky radio, 100.3 and the show of Vassilis Chiotopoulos and Notis Papas congratulating the new president on his election.

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As Mr. Libanos said answering a relevant question, the bets for Mr. Androulakis are four:

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• The choice of persons he will make for the parliament and his party

• Whether or not the model of informal duration will work, with another leader in the K.O.

• Whether it will support with its policies the position expressed that KINAL, in its day, will be a social democratic European party with realism and will not slip in the path of populism

• Whether it will succeed in inspiring wider social groups

As Mr. Libanos said, his assessment is that Mr. Androulakis managed to win a former prime minister, who even bears the surname of the founder of PASOK and to have a very large participation in the electoral process, for two main reasons:

– Because, according to the voters, he can repatriate those who left PASOK and went to SYRIZA.

– And why he promised to re-establish the party, being a politician who knows mechanisms.

“Voters want to get their blood behind SYRIZA”, said the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and added: “Especially in the rural area, there are still strong union leaders, who justified with the above reasoning their decision to support Mr. Nikos Androulaki “.

Asked about the dual elections and the government’s bet on autonomy, Mr. Libanos stressed that the big bet for the ruling party is to achieve autonomy from the first Sunday. And if this is not possible, then, on the second Sunday, referring to the work so far and that of the next 18 months until the elections, to ask for the renewal of the trust of the citizens in order to be able to complete the change of the productive model of the country.


Source From: Capital

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