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SP Metro dawns with 4 lines closed for the 2nd day in a row; rotation is suspended

SP Metro dawns with 4 lines closed for the 2nd day in a row; rotation is suspended

The strike in the São Paulo Metro continues, this Friday (24), for the second day. At the moment, lines 1-Blue, 2-Green, 3-Red and 15-Silver are paralyzed. Lines 4-Yellow and 5-Lilac remain in operation. In an update published on Twitter, the company states that it will soon release new information about the partial operation.

The company and the Union of Subway Workers did not reach an agreement to end the strike, which started this Thursday (23). The Mobility and Transit Secretariat reported that the municipal vehicle rotation will remain suspended throughout the day.

According to the union, the category accepted a proposal from the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) to pay three installments worth R$ 2,500. Each one corresponds to the Profit Sharing that would not have been paid in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022.

They were waiting for a response from the Metrô until 11 pm this Thursday, when the government informed that the contingency plan will remain in operation.

The company and the government highlighted that the court granted an injunction so that 80% of the operation would be maintained during peak hours, and at least 60% at other times, which they say was not respected by the strikers.

Among the subway workers’ demands are the payment of bonuses and participation in the results of the subway, in addition to hiring more personnel. The company says, in turn, that the payment would not be possible, since the collection decreased after the pandemic.

Lines 4-Yellow and 5-Lilac, 8-Diamante and 9-Esmeralda, all privatized, should operate normally. The five CPTM train lines should also continue to operate normally.

Suspended rotation and optional point

The mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes, decreed an optional point in public offices in the capital this Friday (24), with the exception of essential services such as Funeral Service, service units of the Health and Social Assistance departments, the entire municipal network of education and urban security.

The government of the state of São Paulo also decreed an optional point in state public offices in the capital and metropolitan region this Friday (24).

In addition, the Department of Mobility and Transit reported that the municipal rotation of vehicles will remain suspended throughout Friday.

Source: CNN Brasil