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SP: nurse who disappeared after getting into debt with “tigrinho game” is found

Nurse Gabriely Sabino, who had been missing for a week, contacted her family and was found on Friday (21), according to information from her mother, Cristiane Sabino.

“As far as possible, (she) is fine, although psychologically quite shaken, with signs of depression. But, thank God, she is well, alive, physically well,” she said.

According to Cristiane, her daughter still hasn’t managed to “open up properly”. She intends to provide clarification to the police on Monday (24). The family did not give details about how and where she was found. .

The young woman had been missing for about a week after leaving her parents’ home, in Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo. Gabriely, who also worked as an app driver, left the car in a parking lot and took a bus to Terminal Tietê, in the capital. The family feared some violent outcome.

“We are very relieved. Those were nightmarish days,” said the mother.

To the police, the young woman’s father, Luís Sabino, said that his daughter was talking to an unknown person on her cell phone. After her disappearance, the family discovered that she had debts that could reach R$20 thousand . Part of this amount was obtained through a loan from two family friends.

The nurse would have contracted debts because I would be addicted to the “little tiger game” . The game is a type of virtual slot machine, in which players bet money with the aim of aligning three identical figures in three rows, which gives financial prizes.

Cristiane said that, after her daughter’s disappearance, several people said they saw the young woman on her cell phone, insistently playing the ‘little tiger game’. The mother believes this may have contributed to her debt.

As the young woman had no fixed expenses, as her parents maintained the house, they believe that she was being extorted by someone and had turned to loan sharks to obtain money. According to her mother, she had her own money and would not need to take out loans.

Although he worked and had never reported financial problems, in the weeks before his disappearance, Gabriely borrowed money from people known to the family .

Security camera images obtained by the investigation show when Gabriely leaves the car in a parking lot, leaves with a bag and a bag and heads towards the Piracicaba bus terminal. Resident of Parque Orlanda I, Gabriely is single and has no children .

According to the mother, the family was unaware of his gambling addiction. “We didn’t know she had these debts. We tried to understand and some things came to light, such as that she was addicted to the tiger game, she owed a lot of people, including loan sharks. That’s why she got scared and ran away. She was always a hard-working girl, she never depended on anyone, until this addiction problem arose.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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