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SP ombudsman reports “sense” of fear among residents regarding operations in Baixada

The São Paulo State Police Ombudsman, Cláudio Silva, carried out a visit to Baixada Santista last Sunday (3). The ombudsman's office says it has a “sense” of fear among residents in relation to the police who are carrying out operations in the region.

“The feeling was that they were frightened by pressure from the police, who are carrying out an overt action in the territory, approaching workers in the morning, opening their lunch boxes, approaching children and teenagers near schools.” says the Ombudsman's press.

Still regarding the police reports during operations in Baixada, which has already recorded 39 deaths, the ombudsman says it is a “copy and paste”. The ombudsman's office explains that “descriptions in the police reports are practically the same, which indicates the imposition of a narrative: police officers arrived, approached them, were greeted with gunfire, returned fire, the injured man was helped and died in the hospital. Everything in the same dynamic.”

What SSP-SP says:

The São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP) informed, in a note, that “the State security forces are legalistic institutions that act in strict compliance with their constitutional duty”.

The SSP also says that the internal affairs bodies are available to investigate any complaints against public agents.

“After the death of soldier Wesley Cosmo, on February 7th, the third phase of Operation Verão was launched, which remains ongoing with the aim of stifling organized crime in Baixada Santista. Since the beginning of the operation, on December 18, 825 criminals have been arrested, including 312 wanted by the courts, and 580 kilos of drugs removed from the streets. Additionally, 89 illegal weapons, including restricted-use rifles, were collected. Thirty-nine people died in confrontations with the police, including the leader of a criminal faction involved in international drug trafficking, money laundering, criminal courts and attacks on public agents”, states the ministry.

Operation Summer

On February 2, the São Paulo Military Police launched Operation Summer in the Baixada Santista region, on the coast of São Paulo. Motivated by the death of Rota soldier Samuel Wesley Cosmo, in Santos, the operation has already registered 39 suspects dead.

According to the SSP, 813 people were arrested during the operation, including 307 wanted by the courts. Additionally, 577 kilograms of drugs were removed from the streets, and 89 illegal weapons, including restricted-use rifles, were collected.

The ministry also states that “all cases of deaths in confrontation are rigorously investigated by the Civil and Military Police, with monitoring by the Public Ministry and the Judiciary”.

Deaths committed by military police officers in SP – 1st two months (Gaesp)

The number of deaths committed by military police officers on duty or off duty in the state of São Paulo increased by 94% in the first two months of this year compared to the same period in 2023. In just two months, 134 people were killed across the state, according to data of the Special Action Group for Public Security and External Control of Police Activity (Gaesp) of the state Public Ministry.

  • 2024 – 134
  • 2023 – 69
  • 2022 – 52
  • 2021 – 129
  • 2020 – 183
  • 2019 – 125
  • 2018 – 141
  • 2017 – 163

Source: CNN Brasil

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