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SP police arrest group that delivered “gourmet marijuana” in Vila Mariana

The Military Police arrested, on Monday night (8), three men and a woman for delivering “gourmet marijuana”, in Vila Mariana, south of São Paulo.

The Civil Police stated that the arrest was made after a patrol team became suspicious of a vehicle that entered a residence, but retreated upon seeing the vehicle.

According to the police, the suspect was approached and when he contradicted himself, he confessed to being at the location to collect drugs to make deliveries.

A “gourmet marijuana” laboratory was found inside the property, on Professor Serafim Orlandi Street. There, the others involved in the crime were located and confessed their participation.

In addition, more than R$20,000 in cash, four cell phones, marijuana oil for electronic cigarettes and 32.9 kg of marijuana were seized, as well as the three cars involved in the deliveries.

The prisoners are between 18 and 43 years old and were arrested and taken to the 8th Police District, in Brás, where the case was registered as drug trafficking and location and seizure of objects.

What is “gourmet marijuana”?

“Gourmet marijuana” is unlikely to be found at conventional drug trafficking points, the so-called “biqueiras”.

This type of marijuana is sold to a specific audience, which has greater purchasing power and which has access to groups where illegal trade takes place.

Generally, delivery is made by the drug dealer and not as occurs in conventional drug trafficking, where the user goes to the point of sale.

Source: CNN Brasil

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