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SP should record the lowest maximum this Tuesday (9); see the forecast across the country

Brazilian states are expected to experience temperature contrasts this Tuesday (09), and a cold front could result in lowest maximum recorded in the state of São Paulo this year according to Climatempo.

Due to a cold front that is parked between the coast of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, both states may have rain today (9), in addition to Minas Gerais.

In the south of the country, the cold is expected to prevail. There is a forecast of heavy rain, frost, freezing rain and even the possibility of snow.

In the Central-West region, there will be a great contrast in humidity and temperature, and most of the region will be dry and hot. In the Northeast, rain should only occur on the coast, while the interior should experience dry and hot weather. The North region of Brazil will experience heavy rain in almost all states.

Check the weather forecast for each region:

  • South region: The forecast for this Tuesday (9) is that low temperatures will be felt in all states in the region, with greater intensity in Rio Grande do Sul. These conditions are the result of a cold front that allows clouds and rainy conditions to remain in the region. In the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina, the sky will remain cloudy during the day with a high incidence of rain. In Curitiba, the maximum temperature should reach 10°C, while in Florianópolis the maximum temperature should be 13°C, where there is a risk of heavy rain. In Rio Grande do Sul, the day will be predominantly cloudy in the mountains and on the Plateau and there will be showers in the afternoon and evening. The metropolitan region, Porto Alegre, the northern coast and the northwest of Rio Grande do Sul will record a cloudy day, with records of drizzle, in which the low temperatures can cause strong frosts during the dawn.
  • Southeast region: The states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are expected to experience significant cloudiness on Tuesday (9), as a result of a cold front that remains over the ocean. Almost the entire state of São Paulo will have a Tuesday with cloudy skies and rain. In São Paulo, where, according to Climatempo, the lowest maximum temperature of the year is expected to be recorded, with 16°C, there is a risk of heavy rain, in addition to low temperatures that are expected to be felt in several areas of the state. In the extreme north of São Paulo, there is no rain expected, and the sun appears between clouds. In the regions of Vale do Paraíba, Mantiqueira and the North Coast, there are signs of rain that contrast with appearances of sun during the day. In the state of Rio de Janeiro, which also includes the capital, the day will remain cloudy and rain at any time, with moderate intensity. The maximum temperature is expected to reach 24°C, while the minimum is expected to reach 18°C. The states of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais will experience sun and heat, with isolated and passing rain in certain regions, where the capitals are expected to reach temperatures of up to 29°C, in Vitória (ES), and 28°C in Belo Horizonte (MG).
  • Midwest region: Today (9), the region will see contrasts in humidity and temperature. In the state of Mato Grosso, the cold weather is expected to remain, with signs of rain extending to the Pantanal region. The same is expected to happen in Goiás and the Federal District, places where the sun, heat and low humidity (with levels between 20% and 30% in the hottest hours of the day) are evident this Tuesday (9). In Mato Grosso do Sul, where the maximum temperature is expected to reach 17°C, temperatures will remain low, with a high incidence of clouds. According to Climatempo, the state capital could record the lowest maximum temperature of 2024.
  • North region: In the state of Amazonas (almost in its entirety), in Roraima, in Acre and in certain regions of Pará, the day will be sunny, hot and with showers and lightning in the afternoon and evening. In Rondônia, the sun will remain out all day. However, a cold front is expected to reduce the intensity of the heat. The state capital will record a maximum temperature of 33°C, while the minimum temperature is expected to reach 23°C.
  • Northeast Region: For this Tuesday (9), the state should have a predominance of sun and dry air, where the incidence of rain should be recorded only near the coast and most areas have very intense sun. According to the meteorological portal, the rains should be recorded in the forest zone and in the backlands, from the south of Bahia to Rio Grande do Norte. In Natal, the maximum should reach 30°C and attention should be turned to the states of Sergipe, Alagoas and Pernambuco, where the rain should be moderate to heavy.

*Under supervision of Carolina Figueiredo

Source: CNN Brasil

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