Sp. Theodoropoulos: We return to the period of irrational trade unionism

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By George Lampiris

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“As soon as the pandemic is over, we will have to return to primary surpluses, noting that the goal is not to reach a new crisis and new bankruptcy in the coming years,” said businessman Spyros Theodoropoulos from the Fortune CEO Initiative 2021. We see extreme things happening around us, I was impressed by the strike of the catering people, where what did they ask from the state? Should the vaccinated enter the shops? I also see a state that has entered this path and that worries me “.

“I’m afraid we have high hopes for the Recovery Fund”

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Regarding the economic strategy pursued in Greece, Mr. Theodoropoulos said that “I am afraid that we have high hopes for the Recovery Fund, which I will agree will be addressed to large organizations. And to put it bluntly, the first 5- The 6 projects that entered the Fund were major infrastructure projects. “We need them. However, we need big investments, emblematic investments. We need business growth to stand at European level and be competitive,” he said.

“Small businesses rely on the fact that they evade taxes”

Asked whether banks could finance the Greek economy and businesses, he said: “Banks are drowning in liquidity and want to lend. The problem is that entrepreneurs are not able to get the money. “Businesses rely on the fact that they evade taxes. We have to start saying things as they are. They often do not cut receipts, they have poor staff. .

In another disgust of his speech he mentioned that recently many business agreements and acquisitions were announced, saying that 2021 is a record year of acquisitions, while investments have been made in Greece by foreign funds exceeding 8-9 billion euros. “Foreigners recognize these opportunities and have the potential to merge smaller companies and create larger ones that will be more competitive. However, those who move in Greece are mainly funds and not strategic investors, who operate with an investment horizon of 4-5 years. “They will want to get out of the investment. We Greek businessmen must play a role in taking back some of these Greek shops, utilizing them and moving on.”

Commenting on the possibility of Greeks to cooperate, he pointed out that “the Greek does not have the mentality to cooperate. From school we do not learn to work in teams. I do not believe that Greeks will cooperate and changes will be made in the Greek economy.”

“We are living a wild inflation, which will be passed on to wages”

On the occasion of the price increases in all sectors of the primary sector and industry that are finally transferred to the market, he spoke of a wild inflation, which is very high in food. As he said, vegetable fats have increased by 400% since last year. Cereals range between 50% and 60%, packaging materials by 50%, sugar by 18%, cocoa by 15%. “Inflation cannot be passed on to wages. From January, governments will be forced to pass it on to wages. I have the impression that we will live with inflation in the coming years. The good thing for Greece is that Mrs. Lagarde has decided to do not change its policy mix, but when it decides to change it we will be upset “.


Source From: Capital

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