Spain: Rent allowance for young people, but with. Restrictions

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Almost 10 years later, the Government of Spain restores rent allowances. However, its plan envisages limiting the number of citizens who will benefit from it in order not to burden the public coffers, the newspaper revealed. “The country”. THE Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez recently announced by Seville how will an allowance of 250 euros be given to young people from 18 to 35 years old with an income of less than 23,725 euros for two years.

The help, stressed Minister of Transport, Raquel Sanchez, will reach 40 to 50 thousand citizens. Clearly fewer than the nearly 600,000 low-income 18- to 35-year-olds renting homes in Spain, according to his data National Institute of Statistics (INE).

FILE – In this April 8, 2020 file photo, a man walks in front of a large apartment block in Madrid, Spain. The Spanish ruling left-wing coalition on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021 says that it will seek to rein in soaring house rental costs by imposing price hike caps on landlords who own 10 or more residential properties. The move has been criticized by the political opposition and leaders of business organizations, who are regarding it as an intervention of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s government in free markets. (AP Photo/Paul White, File)

The measure had started in 2009 with an allowance of 210 euros. In its first year of operation it was received by more than 167,000 young people and in the second year it had more than 300,000 recipients, although it was intended for people aged 22 to 30 and with an income of less than 22,000. In the age of austerity, the Government of Mariano Rajoy decided to abolish it.

In an interview on the radio station «Zero Wave», the Raquel Sanchez, explained that its Ministry has 200 million euros for the so-called «young bond». Hence the 40 to 50,000 recipients. This means that there will be other conditions besides those announced by Pedro Sanchez.

Her goal Government is to finally reduce the average “weaning” age of the country’s youth. At present, Spaniards leave their parents’ homes at the age of over 29. According to Eurostat the average that this happens in EU. is 26.4 years old. “The measures we are taking will change the perspective of young people and especially their ability to gain access to housing,” she added. Sanchez. However, other government sources are skeptical that the measure could increase rents in Spain again – and not just in the case of young people, but overall. This was also stated by Minister of Social Rights, Ione Bellara.

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