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Spain: The number of unemployed is reduced by 24,573 in November

The The number of unemployed in Spain has been reduced by 24,573 during the month of November, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). This decrease occurs after the increase of 36,936 unemployed registered in October.

He number of unemployed falls for the first time in four monthsspecifically since July, at the same time registering its largest decrease since last May.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Labor, this is the second largest drop recorded in the history of November if the period of pandemic crisis is excepted.

He total unemployed stands at 2,734,831the lowest in a month of November since 2007. Unemployment has decreased in all economic sectors in the month of November: in services by 17,335 people (-0.88%), in industry by 2,654 people (-1.22%), in agriculture by 2,175 people (-2.13%), in construction 1,072 (-0.51%) and in the group without previous employment it decreased by 1,337 (-0.53%).

The total number of contracts registered during the month of November was 1,356,293. of which 562,466 are of an indefinite nature, representing 41.47% of all contracts.

Euro reaction

EUR/USD has reacted to the publication with a rise of more than 15 pips. After falling before the data to a daily low of 1.0850, the pair is now trading around 1.0871, still losing 0.07% on the day.

Source: Fx Street

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