Spanish Foreign Minister in N. Dendia: Always be sure that we will support you

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Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias expressed his concern about Spain’s possible intention to strengthen its military cooperation with Turkey, to his Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares Bueno. “I have been honest in our discussion, as good friends must always speak honestly. I expressed concern about Spain ‘s intention to strengthen its military co – operation with Turkey and stressed that as early as 2008, with our common position 944 of “On December 8, to establish common rules governing the control of military technology exports, the Member States have pledged not to export military technology and equipment that could be used for offensive operations or regional destabilization,” Nikos Dendias told the joint statements after their meeting at the Foreign Ministry.

In this context, Nikos Dendias stated that he was particularly pleased to receive the assurance from the Spanish Foreign Minister that Spain acts and will always act within a European framework and within the framework of European decisions. For this clean attitude, as he said, he thanked him.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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