Spanish Foreign Minister: Our solidarity with the EU member states is beyond any doubt

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“Spain’s solidarity with all the Member States of the European Union, with everything, including Greece and Cyprus, is beyond doubt and I say this here, in the seat of Parliament,” said Spanish Foreign Minister José-Manuel Albares. , according to diplomatic sources.

This statement was made by the Spanish Foreign Minister, speaking recently to the Spanish Parliament.

The above was announced to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, his Spanish counterpart, after the telephone conversation they had last night.

It is not a thunderbolt in the air

As reported by, what emerged from the Spain-Turkey intergovernmental meeting, with the top agreement for the purchase by the Spanish-made aircraft carrier neighbor, provoked a reasonable reaction from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but they are not a thunderbolt. Because all this time Spain (usually in coordination with Germany, but with even greater zeal than it) has been a fan of promoting the “positive agenda” in EU relations. with Ankara – and this is fully aware of the objections of Athens and Nicosia.

Characteristically, the Socialist Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez, since last January, on the occasion of the gathering of all Spanish ambassadors in Oviedo, stressed: “We understand that the EU’s relationship with Ankara must integrate a dimension with Greece. and Cyprus, but obviously, since it is a strategic partner, a candidate for EU membership and an ally in NATO, we need to build a positive agenda. ”

He even announced that the planned Spanish-Turkish summit, which finally took place a few days ago, would “give impetus to gestures that will change the current worrying dynamics and contribute to the consolidation of our presence in Europe, as well as the good relations between the Turkey and the EU as a whole “.

It is revealing that in that speech Pedro Sanchez was not as enthusiastic about dialogue with another, and indeed large, EU neighbor, Russia. “It is not just a matter of talking to Russia, but of knowing exactly what we want to talk about and why,” he said.

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Source From: Capital

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