Spanish police warn of increased activity of cryptocurrency scammers

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The police have warned investors about an increase in the number of fraudulent platforms, the organizers of which convince people to invest in cryptocurrencies.

data local media, the Spanish police received complaints from two investors from the city of Navarra, who invested in a cryptocurrency pyramid and lost about 240 thousand euros. Law enforcement agencies said that recently, the number of such complaints from citizens has increased significantly. In this regard, the police urged citizens to be careful if they are guaranteed large profits when investing in cryptocurrencies, or if they are required to invest a large amount of money. The organizers of the cryptocurrency pyramids design pages on social networks, have a large number of subscribers in order to allay the suspicions of potential investors and create the impression of a reliable company, which is trusted by many people, the police said.

Victims who have been persuaded by cybercriminals to register on fraudulent platforms often see a “boost” in their invested capital in their personal accounts. However, when investors try to withdraw funds, there are various reasons to prevent this from happening. Scammers usually require users to deposit even more money in order to accumulate the “minimum” amount required to withdraw funds. At this point, users realize that they have become victims of deception.

The Spanish National Police have presented several recommendations to reduce the risk of people getting involved in cryptocurrency scams. First of all, investors should study the history of the development of the firm or platform in which they plan to invest money. Users should also make sure of the solvency of cryptocurrency projects and check if they were mentioned in the warnings of local or international regulators. If investors nevertheless lost money while investing in dubious projects, they should file a complaint as soon as possible and not hush up the fact that a crime was committed against them.

Recently, the Spanish police stopped the activities of a mining farm, the creators of which illegally connected 100 ASIC miners to the house’s power grid in the Toledo area.

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