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Spare, now Harry is accused by Iran of “war crimes”

The Prince Harry memorial bomb Shootalso contains the sensational admission of having killed at least 25 Taliban in Afghanistan, “like pieces on a chessboard” and without any remorse: “To me they were pawns, not human beings». That story drew an avalanche of criticism from half the world on the Duke of Sussex – including his former superiors in Afghanistan, including his war veteran friends – and even some anathema from the Taliban. But now it has come to a paradox shot on the front page of all the British tabloids: Iran, the totalitarian regime that killed hundreds of unarmed protesters, has accused Harry of war crimes because he was guilty of having “exterminated 25 Taliban fighters”.

As read on Sunthe Foreign Ministry of Iran «used details from Harry’s book to bash the British government». The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s tweet follows: “The British regime, whose royal family member sees the killing of 25 innocent people as the removal of chess pieces and has no regrets about the matter, and those who turn a blind eye to this war crime, I am in no position to preach to others about human rights».

The reaction of Great Britain was immediate. The colonel Richard Kempformer commander of the British forces in Afghanistan who also had tarnished the Duke of Sussex for his words in ShootHarry has betrayed his comrades and the British Army that always respects human life”), after the Iranian Foreign Minister’s tweet he was the first to jump on his seat: «The Iranian regime is guilty of crimes against humanity for his treatment of his own people and for using proxies to kill citizens around the world. It is also a criminal act to support Putin’s war in Ukraine. Attacking Harry is proof that they are grappling with straws to defend their execution of Alireza Akbari former Deputy Defense Minister».

But there were other reactions as well: the former First Sea Lord, Admiral Lord West, said: «Harry was a stupid boy who said what he said, but it doesn’t compare to what Iran is doing». While former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith added: “Iran criticizing us on human rights grounds would be considered a joke were it not for the fact that this government is committing crimes against humanity.”

The many consequences of the book bomb Shoot – the slump in Harry’s popularity among the Britishthe risk of exclusion from the father’s coronation ceremonythe digs from sister-in-law Kate Middleton about her psychiatric conditions (“Therapies don’t work for some people”) – surprised no one. But that Harry would have been accused of “war crimes” and used as an instrument of political propaganda by Iran precisely that no, nobody really expected it.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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