«Spare», the 10 hottest revelations of Harry’s book bomb

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Over the last weekend we have been really inundated with the flood of news leaked from Shoot, Prince Harry’s memorial bomb. The 540-page tome (for which the duke has already received $20 million upfront) it was supposed to come out on January 10, but by mistake it started circulating in Spanish bookstores on January 5. And so Harry prematurely invaded the Internet, TVs and newspapers around the world with his stories on every single aspect of himself, including the most personal and physical. From the fight with William to the frozen penis, from the “evil stepmother” Camilla to the Taliban killed without remorse as a “pawn on a chessboard”, here is the hottest revelations leaked so far from a controversial narration (full of low blows against the august relatives) to which no answers have arrived from the Palace but yes from the British press: Harry is “a man full of resentment», the summary of the first reactions of the royal watchers across the Channel.

The 25 Taliban killed like “pawns on a chessboard”

The Duke of Sussex’s autobiography contains the sensational admission that he has killed at least 25 Taliban in Afghanistan, “like pieces on a chessboard” and without any remorse: “To me they were pawns, not human beings». The reaction of the former British colonel and his superior in Afghanistan, Richard Kemphe asphalts it: «Harry has betrayed his comrades and the British Army that always respects human life”. And in his words “he also jeopardized his personal safety”, given that some extremists could take revenge. Even the ex-marine, friend and idol of Harry, Ben McBeanarm and leg lost in Afghanistan, cut off the prince, hoping you’ll “get mentally sober” and launching an appeal: «Harry, I love you. But now please shut up!». Even the Taliban responded in kind to the Duke of Sussex. Commander Molavi Agha Gol for example told al Daily Mail: «We are still here to reign, he fled to his grandmother’s palace. He is a chatty loser trying to get attention. We made history by driving him and his army out of our homeland and he’s angry about it. I think he’s gone crazy and needs a doctor right away». Another Taliban official, Anas Haqqani, tweeted: “Mr. Harry! The ones you killed weren’t chess pieces, they were human beings; they had families waiting for their return.”

William’s assault

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Harry in the book also tells of a violent physical confrontation with William – caused by Meghan Markle – which took place in 2019 at Nottingham Cottage, where he lived at the time. The older brother went to see him, the duke relates, and began to complain about sister-in-law by calling her «difficult” and “grumpy”. The discussion became more and more heated and at a certain point William allegedly came to blows: «He grabbed me by the collar, snatched my necklace and threw me to the ground. I’m fell on the dog bowl, which snapped under my back, the pieces cut me. I stood there for a moment, dazed, then got up and told him to go away.”

William’s bald

Harry in the book does not spare his brother low blows. Coming to attack him even on a physical level. Regarding a discussion that took place after the death of his grandfather Filippo, the duke wrote: «I looked at Willy, I really looked at him, perhaps for the first time since we were little […] The thinning of her hair was alarming and more advanced than mine.

The frozen penis

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Before his brother’s wedding to Kate Middleton in April 2011, Harry went on a charity expedition to the North Pole, where he walked 200 miles across the arctic landscape alongside companions who had served in Afghanistan. Now the duke, in the new book, lets us know that during the march his penis froze – which he affectionately called in the book «todger», «child». The frostbite lifted when the duke returned to the warmer climes of England, but as he walked down the aisle of Westminster to support the new chapter in his brother’s life, his “todger” was still in shambles.

The loss of virginity

The prince says he has lost his virginity to an older woman him and horse lover, in a field behind a pub: «He treated me no different than a young stud», writes Harry, who in any case dismisses his first time as a «inglorious episode».


The Duke of Sussex has revealed that he has taken cocaine for the first time over a weekend at the age of 17 years and of “having done a few lines” on other occasions. Not only that: she also smoked cannabis at Eton, hidden in a toilet, and tried the «psychedelic mushrooms» in California, in 2016. Statements which, as experts point out, could jeopardize his US visa.

The death of mother Diana

Harry says he was so upset by the death of his mother Diana – in a car accident in Paris in 1997, when he was 12 – from having addressed to a psychic. “Your mother says you’re living the life she couldn’t live and that she wanted for you,” the woman allegedly told him. The prince then recounts that it was his father, the now King Charles III, who gave him the terrible news of his mother’s death. Without even hugging him, given that he would be “incapable of expressing his feelings even under normal circumstances”. Harry also revealed that in 2007 – while he was in Paris for the Rugby World Cup – he asked his driver to go through the same tunnel where Diana died, «at the same speed»: «I thought that passing in there would have put an end to my suffering, to a decade of unrelenting pain.” It wasn’t like that.

Camilla, «the wicked stepmother»

The Duke of Sussex claims he and Prince William “begged” their father Charles to don’t marry mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles. Harry feared that Camilla, whom he called “the other woman” in the book, might become “evil stepmother”: “I remember wondering if she would be cruel to me, if she would be like all the evil stepmothers in the stories.” And she adds that her brother too William “he had long been suspicious of the other woman”: “When those suspicions were confirmed, he felt excruciating remorse for not having done or said anything sooner.” Harry is also convinced that Camilla has «played a» important role in the death of his mother Dianabecause she was “the key” to the failure of her parents’ marriage.

Carlo questioned (jokingly) Harry’s paternity

According to what is written in Shoot Charles would joked in public about who Harry’s real father was, echoing rumors that the Duke of Sussex is the son of Diana and her lover, the Major James Hewitt. According to Harry, Carlo once in front of other people told him amused: «I wonder if I’m really your real father? Perhaps your father is indeed at Broadmoor, my dear son!’

The title of the book

The title Shoot, as is known, alludes to the role of Harry in the royal family: William’s eternal second, eternal spare wheel of the heir to the throne. The Duke of Sussex has now specified that it was a sentence that Charles would have said to Diana when her children were small: «Marvelous. You gave me an heir and a replacement, you did your job».

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