Speeding, beer driving: Fidel Castro’s grandson creates controversy

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Them scandals for the price of one. For a week now, a young man named Sandro Castro has been talking about him in Cuba. A few days ago, he had filmed himself behind the wheel of a powerful BMW, traveling at 140 km / h on a road on the island. Monday, March 8, he did it again, this time with a bottle of beer in his hand. All in all, a fairly banal news item. Except that the young man in question is none other than one of the many grandsons … of Fidel Castro, the “father” of the Cuban revolution of 1959, relays International mail.

These scenes, broadcast by local media, caused an uproar on social networks. The independent press, which Internet users have echoed, can hardly imagine that this boy, presented by the newspaper of The Miami Herald as “a regular at nightlife in Havana”, represents the descendants of the iconic revolutionary communist who ruled Cuba for more than thirty years.

Forced apologies?

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The controversy began last week, when several websites relayed a video of Sandro Castro, presumably filmed by his girlfriend. The footage showed him driving a luxury car, generally inaccessible to the vast majority of Cubans. “We are simple people, but from time to time, we have to take out the toys we have at home a bit”, joked Fidel Castro’s grandson, smiling, before the camera zooms in. on the speedometer which read 140 km / h.

Faced with the outcry caused by these images, Sandro Castro had presented his “deep apologies” to the Cuban people, no doubt under the constraint of the family clan, as estimated by the independent press. He had also discarded himself by declaring that the BMW he was driving was “that of an acquaintance. […] who [lui avait] loaned for [qu’il] try it, knowing [son] taste for racing cars ”.

“It’s good to drive with your litron! “

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But this mea-culpa did not prevent the young man from reoffending. A few days later, a new video extracted, as pointed out International mail, from one of its WhatsApp groups, was disclosed by the press and in particular by the American site The Miami Herald. Sandro Castro still appears there behind the wheel of a car, this time with a huge bottle of beer in his hand. To the camera, he says: “Mmm, watch that bastard!” […] Very fresh! It’s good to drive with your litron! ”

The opportunity for some media, including the 14ymedio site, to estimate that “none of the obscene attributes of power with which the young man shows off surprises the Cubans who have known well, and for a long time, that there are on one side the sacrifice which the leaders boast in the gallery, and on the other the wealth which is spread out inside their palaces ”. And the independent site to add, relayed by International mail : “Is it really ‘the new man’ as raised by this clan who sent us to ‘rural schools’, who treated us like austere soldiers, who forced us to give up our individuality? ? “

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