Spencer, Diana’s former bodyguard speaks: “That Christmas in Sandringham was a real purgatory for her”

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Also Ken Wharfe, former lady bodyguard Diana, he wanted to have his say on Spencer, the biopic with Kristen Stewart as the princess which will arrive in Italy on January 20, 2022. The police officer, who took care of the safety of Diana and little William and Harry for seven years, praised Stewart for her performance (“of all the actresses who played her she is the closest to the princess “) but above all confirmed that the Christmas 1991 in Sandringham – the film is set in December of that year – for the then wife of Charles of England it was a real “purgatory”. Like all family reunions in royal residences at a time when her marriage was falling apart. “That Christmas Diana limited herself to spend time in the kitchen with the chef or with people like me, in the hope that time would pass quickly and he could return to London», Told Wharfe a People.

That Diana hated Sandringham, and felt deeply alone there, is well known. But that Christmas in 1991 was one of the worst for her. The princess and her husband, who slept in separate rooms, they clashed all the time. He armed with anger, she with tears. Hence the reconstruction of the biopic Spencer it is likely: Lady D, who at the time had already had several lovers (the most important was Major James Hewitt) in those days the decision to break up with her husband matured.

The press, on the other hand, was already speculating that her relationship with Prince Charles would soon end: a cover of People dedicated to their tenth anniversary that summer had defined their marriage a “painful fake”. And in fact in December 1992 the couple announced the separation. Thus ending an unhappy marriage e “A little too crowded” (it causes Camilla Parker Bowles).

Diana’s story, as director Pablo Larrain explained when talking about his film Spencer, “And a fable on the contrary»: «This is the story of a princess who decided not to become queen, but she chose to build her own identity for herself. I’ve always been very surprised by his decision and always thought it must have been very hard to make. This is the heart of the film. I wanted to deepen the process behind Diana’s choices, as he oscillates between doubt and determination, finally choosing freedom. It was a decision that defined his legacy: a legacy of honesty and humanity that remains unmatched. “


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