Spiral staircase serves as shelves of Shenzhen Zhongshuge bookstore in China

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A spiral staircase on the floor acts as a bookshelf Shenzhen Zhongshuge, which was designed by the architectural office X+Living in the district Cyanhai Oct. of the Chinese city Shenzhen. The inspiration for the design of the staircase, which crosses the entire area of ​​the bookstore, connecting the entrance with the exit, was the achievements and the history of the city.

“When I got the order for its design Zhongshuge in Shenzhen Last year, I already had a prehistory as the head of several bookstores in China. In the process of researching the cultural background of this city I realized that I could design a space that would become a symbol of Shenzhen as a lifelong city of immigrants and a city that does not exclude, paying tribute to those who struggled to write history in this city. “This is how this retail space was born, which looks like it originated from a giant art installation.” Li Xiang, creative director at Shanghai architectural office.

Looking at the spiral staircase from a certain angle, the giant installation looks like a clock dial. The handrails – the handrails of the handrail of the ladder – in the form of clock hands refer to this as a scale of history, which evolved over innumerable hours, conveying the feeling that “in the course of time, history is pushed rapidly” .

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