Spouse Zelensky: Sexual violence and related crimes are part of the Russian arsenal

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His wife Volodymyr ZelenskyOlena Zelenska, participated in a conference in London and emphasized that “violence and sexual crimes” are part of Russia’s “arsenal” to “humiliate them Ukrainians».

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The occupiers’ opportunities to humiliate Ukrainians have multiplied and unfortunately sexual violence and sexual crimes are part of their arsenal,” he said and added that “for this reason it is extremely important to recognize this as a war crime in order to prosecute all perpetrators.”

Also, at the conference organized in London against sexual violence in war, he said that “frankly, I hope there will be a response from all over the world about everything that’s happening in Ukraine right now.”

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In fact, he said that sexual violence is “the cruelest, most brutal way of proving dominance”. “Everyone knows there are many rapes” perpetrated by the Russian military in Ukraine, but according to Zelenska, victims are speaking out even less than usual because of the war, for fear that their attackers will return and rape them again.

“Right now, the prosecutor’s office is investigating more than 100” cases of suspected sex crimes, the Ukrainian president’s wife said, recalling that the first case that led to a prosecution was that of a woman who was raped by soldiers who had just killed her husband .

Source: News Beast

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