Spring make-up, the new eye trends

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Make-up is worn for pure personal joy and not just to delight the eyes of others. The most willing have already put it into practice during this year of lockdowns and closures, taking care of the beauty routine and also putting on make-up so as not to go anywhere. Terry Barber, the backstage guru of the fashion shows, says it too: makeup is no longer a question of perfection, but of attitude.

Aspirational, real and very far from the idea of ​​perfection, makeup descends from the catwalks to tell the story of the wearer.

Even age doesn’t matter anymore, make-up unites generations, anyone can express themselves with a nude face or creative make-up, it’s just a matter of feeling.

The color on the eyes gives voice to the personality, makes you feel more beautiful but above all more positive. The gaze is the element of contact with the outside world, which is expressed through elegant eyeshadows, elongated eyelashes and elaborate eyeliner. «The make-up for the eyes is inspired by the seventies and nineties, when supermodels did their own make-up. However, the yield is less heavy, we aim for a lighter and more glam version, never without mascara “, dice Michele Magnani Global Senior Artist Mac Cosmetics.

The color is soft, with soft edges, anything but structured. “In this case, product technology is driving the trend, thanks to hybrid formulas for cheeks, eyes and lips that create a buildable, suffused, fresher make-up”, explains Magnani. Easy to apply, it is suitable for everyone: «The effect must be velvety, nuanced, transparent. The diffuse pink evokes the influx of blood due to a great emotion or as after playing sports ».

When it is the trick it is not the cure then it is simply a game, which however transmits well-being. Everything is allowed, except perfection. You can dare, create distinctive elements, find your own way of telling yourself with a personal, unique touch. For this, theeyeliner it is not the classic comma, but it reinvents itself to become part of the language of the eye. The cat eyes are inspired by the nineties and between graphics, geometric lines and double lines it does not matter to be a pro, spontaneity is the true essence.

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