Spumante Torbato Brut Rosé Sella & Mosca: Sardinia’s bubbles are now pink

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It’s time to toast to summer, and to do so as we have never done: with the new sparkling wines of Sardinia, which have just been dressed in pink with the Torbato Brut Rosé Sella & Mosca sparkling wine, the first rosé ever produced on the island, an absolute novelty. A wine that, like all the labels of the house founded in 1899, offers a journey into Sardinian nature and culture, the result of a meticulous research that gave birth a new great union.

It Spumante Torbato Brut Rosé Sella & Mosca is the rosé version of the appreciated sparkling wine that the estate has been producing since 2016 and is born from the encounter of a characteristic Sardinian red grape variety with the Torbato, one of the most identifying vines of the winery, as well as a symbol of its commitment to the Alghero area in which it is located.

Rare and precious grapes, the peat enhances the ancient species of the Iberian vitis arrived on the island during the Catalan domination and is now growing on soils rich in limestone the result of millenary marine sedimentations that give to the grapes particular structure and slightly aromatic components. Only the best are chosen, that is the bunches that stand out for their marked acidity, able to give the must the best characteristics for sparkling winemaking: a painstaking work of selection so that every single component is in perfect harmony with the others.

The result is one refined but lively cuvée that combines elegance and pleasantness, contemporary and always Mediterranean: in the Spumante Torbato Brut Rosé, in the Sella & Mosca style, they are felt all the energy and scents of the sun, wind, sea and land of Sardinia. It tells itself in every sip with his own powder pink nuances which denotes its extreme delicacy and then with its pleasant olfactory notes: with that floral and citrus scent typical of peaty harmoniously combined with delicate notes of cherry and white peach. Finally with its taste: a vibrant acidity to the taste, before one enveloping sensation due to its balanced softness.

Characteristics that make the Spumante Torbato Brut Rosé Sella & Mosca unique, yet versatile: to try for an aperitif or a lunch or dinner based on fish, white meats and in general not too structured dishes, it is always perfect, to toast to summer, to conviviality, to the beauty of life, in pink. In the gallery above some pictures of the new rosé sparkling wine

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