Squid Game: Netflix ” perverted ‘series raises concerns -‘ Don’t let kids see it ‘

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The Squid Game (Squid Game) is evolving into a series of phenomena for Netflix, with some even calling it “perverted”. The successful series, which has many fans around the world, at the same time raises concerns about the impact it may have on children who see it.

In fact, a council in the south of England has advised parents not to let children watch the Netflix series, following reports that children as young as 6 years old are copying its violent challenges.

In particular, Bedfordshire Central Council emailed parents and guardians in the area, urging them to “be vigilant after reports that children and young people are copying toys and violence from the successful Squid Game series.

In the series, the contestants play in order to win money, but they are killed if they do not succeed. Although many of the toys in the series require special infrastructure, some are violent versions of toys that children can play on playgrounds, notes the British Guardian.

Many children do not watch the series but know it through viral challenges on TikTok, where users post their own versions of the games.

Some reports want some children to use violence to “punish” the lost. The most popular game seems to be the game known in Greece as “Little soldiers unheard, unspoken”. In this the players try to reach a finish line while one gives the signal with the back turned. Players must freeze on the spot each time the doll turns.

This month, at a school in Belgium, the “winners” hit the students who did not succeed.

Corresponding Warnings for students not to watch the Squid Game series have also been sent to Greece from schools, which emphasize that it is dangerous. In fact, also in Greece experts are allegedly organizing trials in Attica like the ones on the Netflix Korean series.

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