Squid Game: the Italian version arrives (but the one, two, three, original star cannot be beaten)

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It took about two months for Netflix to dub Squid Game, one of the most viewed and talked about series of this autumn, in Italian, but in the end it made it. The result, available on the platform starting November 30th, was not, however, greeted by social media with the enthusiasm that Netflix Italy expected. Partly because we have all gotten used to the original voices and partly because the frame of “One, two, three, star”, which in the meantime has become a catchphrase also thanks to the parody created by Zerocalcare for the launch of its series Tear off along the edges, it doesn’t have the same appeal in our language as Korean.

Meanwhile, the series continues to be a success across the board: with over 111 million users reached in October alone, Squid Game has officially become Netflix’s most watched series ever, even more than Bridgerton, stops at 82 million. At the moment, however, the wait is all focused on the future of Squid Game and on the quotation marks of the creator, director and screenwriter of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk who, during a red carpet of an event in Los Angeles, explained that he is already working on a second season: “There was a lot of pressure, so much demand and so much love for a second season of Squid game that I almost felt like I had no other choice “, he said.

“There will definitely be a second season. It’s already all in my head “, explained the showrunner, adding that he is “in the phase of the creative process”. «But I also feel like saying that it is still too early to say when it will materialize and how. So, I make you a promise: Gi-hun he will come back and do something for the world. ” And, at this point, whether it’s in Korean or Italian, we’re all waiting to find out what’s going to happen.


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