Sri Lankans flee Colombo during country crisis

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Many Sinhalese packed buses in the main cityin of Sri lanka, columbusthis Thursday (12), to return to their citiesins in source during a brief relaxation of touch in collect tax insince the prime minister resigned and hidinwow presidentinnte Gotabaya Rajapaksa warned of anarchy.

The island nation at the southern tip of India, overlooking shipping lanes between Europe and Asia, is facing its worst crisis economic insin the ininpendency.

Violence broke out on Monday insince supporters of former prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, the president’s older brotherinnte, attacked a camp in anti-government protest in columbus.

days followed in Violent reprisals against government-aligned figuresinrosy Rajapaksa clan. The army was called in to patrol the streets and police said nine people died and more in 300 were injured in the clashes.

the forces in security received orinus in shoot to avoid violence and looting.

Hundreds in people crowded the main bus station in columbus inbecause the authoritiesinjust suspendedinram the touch in pick up at 7 am in Thursday.

The streets of the commercial capital were quiet, though there were queues at supermarkets as people ventured out to buy essential supplies before the ringing. in curfew was re-established at 2 pm.

“We’ve hit rock bottom economically,” said Nimal Jayantha, a driver who was queuing for gas. inbecause touch it in collect has been suspended.

“I don’t have time to do my work. As I stand in line for fuel, the touch in collect will be imposed. I will have to go home with no money.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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