St. Petsas: Today the solution of the problem with the tests in EFKA and ERGANI

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“They thought they had the framework to open the schools,” Deputy Interior Minister Stelios Petsas told ANT1, explaining that we are dealing with a mutation with mild symptoms, a short incubation period and several tests.

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“Let’s see how the measure develops,” he said, explaining that “the issue is not the cases, but the pressure on the health system.”

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“There is no easy answer,” he said of the coronavirus test sites, noting that “we are trying to increase the test sites” and expressed confidence that “it will be clear in the coming days.”

In the next few hours, the problem that has arisen with the acceptance of the tests by the systems of EFKA and Ergani will also be clarified.

He estimated that, this is not a problem, but a real problem is what “we have to face is that of the great lack of staff, due to illness”.

He also explained that answers will be given for the special purpose permits and called on the people “to take some uncertainty out of the plan”.

“In 7-10 days we will see if we made the right choice,” he said.

Asked about the price of PCR tests, he said that “when you have such a high demand, it is necessary to have a pricing”.


Source From: Capital

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