Stanley Tucci: “Three years ago, I had cancer”

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“I had a tumor.” Stanley Tucci he said it like this, without trying to sweeten what he experienced. “Three years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer at the base of the tongue”, explained the actor in an interview granted to theHollywood Reporter. “I was hoping I would never have to go through such a thing, because my first wife died of cancer and seeing her go through those treatments was terrible.” The effort of the will alone, however, did nothing. The tumor that the doctors diagnosed in Tucci was so large that it could not be removed surgically.

Thus, the actor explained that he had to do what he most hoped to be able to avoid: undergo massive sessions of radio and chemotherapy, along a painful road, studded with bad memories and fears.

“For six months, I fed on a probe. I don’t even know how he managed to participate in the graduation of my twin children, “he admitted, describing how” Difficult “was for the boys. “Cancer makes you more fragile and fearful. At the same time, however, it carries with it many fears. In the end, one is less fearful», He then closed,« I feel older than I felt before I got sick, but I still want to go on, to do things ».

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