Star chef from Rio de Janeiro, Pedro Artagão opens new bar

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The bohemian circuit in Rio de Janeiro has gained weight in recent weeks. Chef Pedro Artagão inaugurated the Princesa Boteco & Restaurante around a month ago, which joins the vast list of establishments in the Irajá Group.

The proposal, in fact, is very similar to Boteco Rainha, the most recent of the group, both in the decoration (with white tiles and blue details) and in the composition of the menu. Both are located on corners of the Leblon and they are only 500 meters apart (about 5 minutes walking). They offer cold draft beer, snacks, starters, main courses and desserts. While one is in trendy Dias Ferreira, the younger brother is in the quieter corner of Humberto de Campos and João Lira.

The Princesa has about 30% of the Queen’s menu. Already known by customers, the lobster croquette, belly crackling, vinaigrette octopus, duck rice, seafood, among others, have not lost space, but have gained new companies. Unlike Rainha, in which fish and seafood are the main characters, Princesa offers more meat options in its main dishes.

The dish that bears the house’s name, for example, consists of two medallions of filet mignon covered with gorgonzola, accompanied by rice with its roti sauce (R$ 138 – and serves for two to three people). Beef stroganoff is not far behind and is accompanied by saute potatoes and white rice (R$ 124). Breaded filet, Piedmontese, Parmigiana and, of course, the classic Oswaldo Aranha, also get their versions of the chef at the bar.

Snacks and starters, cheese balls, those from children’s parties – but very dry, are the novelty (R$ 36), along with the mocotó broth and white beans (R$ 16), only found there. Sandwiches with new flavors, such as ham and breaded (R$ 28) are also on the menu. The tip is: if you are going in a larger group and are going to have a snack, order different portions. They’re not that big so you’ll be able to taste a little of each.

For dessert, there are three options of pies: chocolate (R$22), cream (R$18) and German (R$22).

If you are not on the draft beer team – which, incidentally, is very well served at the table, with cookies where the customer places on the red side if he is satisfied or green if he accepts one more – different drinks can also be found, such as the “House Beats ”, of passion fruit, coconut, ginger and cashew.

Another important tip: get there early. The place does not make reservations and has already entered the city’s popular route. It is quite possible that, even if you arrive early, you will still get a little girl. Don’t be discouraged: it’s worth the wait.

Rua João Líra, 148 – Leblon, Rio de Janeiro – RJ / Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 23:00

Reference: CNN Brasil

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