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Starring Giovanna Antonelli, the film “Apaixonada” arrives on Netflix

Starring Giovanna Antonelli 48, Danton Mello 49 and Rodrigo Simas 32, the romantic comedy film “Passionate” arrives at Netflix this Tuesday (10).

The plot, with a script by Ana Abreu It is Sabrina Garcia has the direction of Natalia Warth and is based on the book “In love at 40” by Cris Souza Fontes.

In the story, the audience follows Beatriz (Giovanna Antonelli) – a 40-year-old confectioner, married and mother of a daughter who lives in another city.

Tired of her routine, she is surprised by her husband Alfredo (Danton Mello) who decides to file for divorce without any warning. Upon feeling the taste of freedom, the protagonist decides to embark on a journey full of emotions and a lot of self-knowledge.

Watch the trailer:

In addition to the trio, the production, which premiered in Brazilian cinemas in March, also features Polly Marino , Pedroca Monteiro , Nicolas Pauls It is Rayssa Bratillieri in the cast.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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